Demo Reel

Demo Reel [Fall 2015]

Demo Reel Fall 2015 from Shona Gillard on Vimeo.



  • FlexiPlane rigs for arms, legs, torso, and neck

  • A series of joints that are controlled by a follicles on a NURBS plane
  • The NURBS plane is controlled by a wire deformer to allow for better flexiblity and twist attributes
  • Node Editor for stretch and twist functions

  • MEL scripting for on and off functionality of stretch and twist


Pugtopus-Special Delivery

  • Facial Rig

  • Joint based with minimal blendshapes


Opressor Droideka (Disney Interactive)

  • Full adjustable and customizable rig so that all levels can use the same base

  • Can be taken apart for death and can fold to roll



  • Character effect rig

  • nCloth used to control path for nParticles

  • MEL script to control behavior of nParticles


Cauldron Bubbles

  • nCloth clean up for existing scenes


Maya Tools (Disney Interactive)

  • Maya python tools to help artists

  • Screenshot Tool can save settings and upload references for background and light rig

  • It renders an image and saves it to a folder, or it can batch render to a folder

  • Additive View Tool allows artists to see how their assets would look in Unity with their custom shaders



Grubbs modeled by Lorraine Bett. You can check out her portfolio here.

Pugtopus modeled by Andrew Ward. You can check out his portfolio here.

Pugtopus animated by Nick Benke. You can check out his portfolio here.

Pugtopus additional rigging by Bill Watts. You can check out his portfolio here.

Cauldron Bubbles was directed by Edward Taylor. You can check out his portfolio here.