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Technical Assistant
Industrial Light & Magic
2016 to Current

  • Manage the render farm and priorities
  • Maintain farm tools
  • Development projects for new tools and statistics

Technical Artist Intern
Disney Interactive Star Wars: Commander Project
2015 to 2016

  • Creating/writing art support tools (Maya/Python)
  • Adding additional tool support to production pipeline
  • Updating and maintaining the Star Wars: Commander Asset Database (MongoDB)
  • Creating and debugging of characters and unit rigs
  • Creation of animation state controllers (Unity)
  • Investigating asset bugs and providing possible solutions
  • Learning from industry professionals



3D and Technical Skills 2011-Present

  • Scripting: MEL, Python, and C#
  • Programming: Java
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • 3D:
    • nDynamic simulations in Autodesk Maya
    • Biped and Quadruped rigging
    • Facial rigging
    • Squash and stretch rigging
    • pyMel/Python Maya tools
    • 3D modeling

Relevant Program Experience 2010-Present

  • Autodesk Maya 2010-14
  • Houdini 12
  • Autodesk Mudbox 2011-2014
  • Adobe Photoshop CS 5 and CS 6
  • Unity 4.x
  • RoboMongo/MongoDB
  • Oracle database

Leadership Experience

  • President of the UT Dallas Animation Guild
  • Responsibilities: event planning, advertising, networking, and assist with needs of students studying 3D animation



Bachelors of Arts in Arts and Technology
University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson
Graduated May 2015

  • Related Coursework:
    • Game Production Lab: Industry simulation course at the University of Texas at Dallas in which student teams take a semester to make a video game.
    • Animation Production Studio: Industry simulation course at the University of Texas at Dallas in which a student team takes two semesters to make an animated short.
      Rigging Courses: Courses designed to teach the fundamentals of rigging concepts and techniques.

Rigging Dojo:

  • Scripting 101: Production focused training with lectures, critiques and group learning